Saturday, March 14, 2015

top 10 Beautiful Instagrams to follow

Are you one of those incessant Instagram users who just scrolls and scrolls and scrolls? I love Instagram because it helps me keep up with what are going on with my friends and also great photography skills. You'll know one when you see one, how each subject is arranged in a certain manner and how flawless each of them are. Here are just some 10 of the beautiful Instagram users I follow. 

ModelsMundo (@modelsmundo)

This user features model shoots, editorial and portfolios. Needless to say, they are all of superb quality by renowned photographers.

jcosstudios (@jcosstudios)

This is a bag/shoes online store. I am just in love with their simplicity of the photos, but nevertheless classic and chic.

Andrea Chong (@dreachong)

I love Andrea. She is a Singaporean and not much older than I am. She is such a successful blogger with many collaborations, even her own wedding gown line. She worked with big brands like Tiffany & Co., Ralph Lauren, Benefit and Michael Kors. Such a lucky girl, and her photos are always on point!

Beautiful Destinations (@beautifuldestinations)

This user post photos that look rather surreal, which just brings you to paradise with each of their photos.

Beautiful Hotels (@beautifulhotels)

This is another of such accounts, but mainly for hotels around the world. I got to say, these hotels are out of the world gorgeous. How I wish I could stay in these hotels for the rest of my life!

Lloyd's Inn (@lloydsinn)

Lloyd's inn is a Singapore boutique hotel that is famous for its minimalist black and white interior design, which I adore. Their photos are also superbly taken.

Cereal Magazine (@cerealmag)

I fell in love with Cereal magazine when I first read it in an ice cream cafe. Their photos are just so simple but brings across the idea. I love how the subjects in the photos are so meticulously positioned to make it so aesthetically pleasing!

Ingrid Nilsen (@ingridnilson)

She's got the looks, love food and travels a lot. I just want to live her life right now!

Candice Swanepoel (@angelcandices)

Candice is such a great fashion model. Other than her famous Victoria's Secret assignments, she also does a ton of other projects. I just like to look at beautiful girls!

Lily Aldridge (@lilyaldrige)

Speaking of Victoria's Secret angels, Lily is another one whom I adore. THAT bohemian look she has and her facial structure, god bless me with her genes!

What are your top 10 instagrams?

Keep musing,

Monday, March 9, 2015

7 things that make life more bearable...

Hello there, how's life? Good? Bad? Sorry for not posting for so long, I'm a busy girl now! If you're stressing about life, here are 7 things that make life more bearable.

1. Friends

Whether you are old or young, friends make life just that much more bearable. In school, you have your friends who understand what you're going through and who support each other. At work, you have your colleagues to gossip with about the new boss and the clients/customers. They allow you to let off just enough steam to make you go on with life despite it seeming to suck so bad. In your neighbourhood, you have your chatting buddies where you gather together to watch football or have a tennis match with. They make you laugh and realize there's really more into life than what you're stressing about.

2. Family

Your family is the people you can always fall back to no matter what you did. They forgive and they forget with welcoming arms back home. They make sure you're properly fed, healthy and cared for. Yes, they nag, but all because they care for you! Knowing there are people who care, isn't that enough?

3. Music

Being a music lover, i really cannot imagine a world without it. I mean, what else can you do when you're in awkward situations? Just plug in your headphones, you're in your own little wonderland. Or when you're feeling down, and wanting to cry, just plug into sad songs and cry! Better yet, plug into happy songs and instantly feel better. Nothing beats music.

4. Youtube

Other than watching your favorite youtubers, you can also watch tv shows. I know i can always fall back to the ellen show to make me feel better and she really just makes life seem more bearable. Others are comedy youtubers like nigahiga, buzzfeed and inspirational videos.

5. My samsung galaxy note 4

Being a convert from an avid apple user, samsung really surprised me. Although the transitional phase was a little difficult to get hold of, but all was worthwhile. One of the best features is the ability to glance at my schedule for the day right when i unlock my phone thanks to the ability to install widgets on the home screen. Another feature that i love is the s pen. I mean, it gives me so much precision and also convenience when taking quick notes.

6. Recognition and appreciation

Recognition gives you a sense of achievement. Being recognized for your efforts, be it a raise, a compliment or being featured by any sort just makes everything that you've fought for and worked hard for worthwhile. Appreciation is little gestures by other people who you've been especially kind to, be it helping out on homework, or holding the door for the lady. A simple thank you or a nod and smile just make everything you've done appreciated, and makes life bearable!

7. Love

Now this is tricky. Love can be your enemy or it could be your best drug. But when you're in love, you just feel that everything that's happening to you can all be ignored. And you look forward to a life with your partner, which you work hard for. You will feel that everything is worthwhile and find that life is actually bearable.

Keep musing,

Saturday, February 7, 2015


Have you ever wanted to relive moments in your life? Most probably happy or fulfilling moment(s)? You cling on to that memory in your brain and just close your eyes, experiencing every moment step by step, second by second. It could be your first love, the first date, your first achievement in school, the highest point of your career, that moment you know you are in love, the first connection you have with that person.

Though these are all examples of living in the past, but what does it matter if they make you happy? You derive your own ecstasy and overwhelm yourself with positivity, I think this is how you can make life more endurable. You indulge yourself in these moments and almost numb yourself from the negativity in your current life/moment. It gives you a temporary surge of hope until reality hits you again.

Perhaps some people don't relive moments but create new ones. This is why us humans are such great beings; the power of our imagination, cognition and emotions are almost limitless. What's your ecstasy? For me, I love love, I think love is such a powerful emotion, not just towards people but towards what you do. When you love what you do and are surrounded by people you love and who love you, you are basically winning in life. Nothing beats knowing that someone will always be there for you and knowing that what you are going to do the next moment is what you love.

To put it simply, my life goal is returning home to my loved ones from doing what I love.

To my loved one, sometimes when I look at you, I just cannot believe that we actually happened. From the day we first met, to our first date, to our second, third and so on, to now. It still feels so surreal to me. To have someone like you to love me, this is the great love I've been pining for. You're my ecstasy, one who makes me go sugar-high even just by walking or being by your side.

Keep musing,

Friday, January 16, 2015


I think everyone dreams of being rich, where you feel life would be so much easier and you're unstoppable. Now in this world, everything comes with a price, be it tangible or intangible. It's said that success is defined by your wealth, and after having read "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne, I'm a firm believer of this saying. Anyone who opposes to this saying is just in denial... 

1. Family Background

Having a very humble family background, I'm always craving for that one day where I become successful to support my family. I've made some plans in taking up part-time jobs, but it's quite in a stagnant stage now. It saddens me how little I can do to help, that I'm near despair. Every time I'm being shown a ray of light, it always backs down on me. I know I've talked about how lucky I have been all this time, but I'm starting to figure it's going downhill. I feel like I can never get what I want.

2. Social Standing

I've always envied bloggers who get sponsors for almost every aspect of their lives and get paid tons of money to write a simple review. Who doesn't like a surprise all-paid trip to Bali or Paris? Or perhaps even a new house or car? Yes, I get that they have a huge following, but how did they even manage to get to that stage in the first place? Standing at a mean of 183 followers, this 'stage' seems almost impossible to reach. What's this X-factor that they have which I do not? It's very frustrating to even think about it. And I know how people say your worth is not defined by the number of likes and followers you have, but is it wrong to seek comfort in this superficial, yet real, number? 

3. Appreciation

I've always been trying to make a breakthrough through various ways, be it online or offline, but this never seems to work out for me at all. I feel that people never appreciate my hard work or myself. I can never seem to make many new friends or that people just generally dislike me, that I'm just invisible

4. Seizing opportunities but not given a chance

All this time, I've been seizing on every opportunity I get coming my way, but it feels like I was never given a chance to prove myself. All these are very frustrating, counting that I'm working hard as well as the others. If you were me, you'll eventually get tired of trying to make things work because it always seems to just give up on you.

5. Tired

All these accumulate to me being rather unenthusiastic about life in general recently. Together with my ever-weird dreams I've been having for the past year, everything tire me and I can feel that I'm wearing out and thin, just barely hanging on a thread. 

Sorry for this very uninspiring post, but I really needed a platform to vent out whatever that has been on my mind recently.

Keep musing,

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

tokyo star optical influencer [q & a]

I love Tokyo because… of its mountains and photo shooting venue everywhere

My coolest Tokyo hangouts are… Tokyo Cafes like PARIYA!

The best places to shop in Singapore are… definitely Orchard Road and Haji Lane!

The best way to get into the New Year spirit in the city is by… having a positive attitude and new clothes!

I would describe my style as… classic but versatile

If you peeked inside my wardrobe, you’d see… many neutral colours

My must have piece from Tokyo Star Optical this season is… printed frame glasses!

My style icons are… Andrea Chong and Kendall Jenner!

My favourite blogs and magazines are… and Style magazine

My perfect holiday outfit would be… a long black dress with gold accents!

My New Year’s resolution is… To be consistent in my school performance

My style predictions for 2015 are… crops and sex appeal

Growing up, I wanted to be… a model/actress and violinist!

The highlight of my career so far is… having performed with an orchestra accompanying me

I can’t stop listening to… 'Catch me' by Demi Lovato and "I know places" by Taylor Swift

My most prized possession is… my violin

Something not many people know about me is… I am quite insecure!

The style rule I live by is… wear what you want and strut your style!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Why relationships fail...

I’m sure some of my readers have been through breakups before. The heart-wrenching, heat-up, emotional episode(s) in your life. It’s a very bad feeling that you get whether you’re the one breaking up or the one broken on, you just hope that you can go back in time and stopped it so that this never happens. But why do they fail? Could you have done something to have prevented the break? Or could you have known if he/she is not the right one? This is what this blog post will be about, broken down... 

1. Communication, communication, communication

Communication is really the key. Dear girls, guys do not think like we do, and so you have to communicate your thoughts to him and not expect him to know what you’re thinking. Don’t be afraid to say what’s on your mind, because keeping it to yourself and overthinking can never make anything work out. And dear guys, don’t overreact when we tell you what’s on our mind, just listen to us and assure us it is nothing like what we think it is. With communication, you will have a better understanding of each other. If you are unafraid to talk about anything, you’ll definitely have a strong relationship.

2. Is it love?

The foremost question of whether it is love… But then again, how would you know if it’s truly Love?

The first feeling when you get when you are attracted to a person is the butterflies in your stomach and realising you miss that person constantly. You want to stay by his/her side and go through the highs and lows together with that person. You constantly think of ways to help this person just to get close to him/her. When you look at him/her, you can’t resist to smile, or even involuntarily. When you’re talking to this person, you find that the lamest thing makes you laugh hysterically. But all this is just the feeling of attraction, not love! 

If you want to love a person, know him/her inside and out before deciding whether you love him/her. Therefore, my next point is crucial, “Friends first, then Lovers”.

3. Friends first, then lovers

I wrote a full blog post on this point, if you’re interested you can click on this link:

To summarise… Everyone’s relationship goal is to have your the other half like your best friend. You are comfortable with each other even if he/she annoys you, and you never have awkward silences. You talk about everything and anything, like I said knowing each other inside and out. This gives you a chance to know the person first before deciding to commit into a relationship and lets you avoid unwanted breakups and separation ultimately. 

4. Why did you start it in the first place?

Trust me, people start a relationship for all the wrong reasons… A few of these wrong reasons are to find a rebound, find a substitute, fulfil physical/sexual needs, to impress etc. Firstly, this is really unfair to this person you’re deciding to get together with, because you’ll never be 100% with that person. There will always be something missing because you’re not loving this person for him/her, you’re just simply being with this person to fulfil your needs, to get what you want. 

Secondly, this person will never feel like a human being, but just something to be toyed with and then abandoned. Are you really loving this person for him/her, and not with any sort of motive that ultimately gets you what only you want? 

5. Expectations v.s. Reality

I’ve been through too much of this expectations vs. reality scenarios, and it has taught me not to have any expectations. Yes, it’s always nice to daydream a bit, but always expect nothing. If you expect nothing, anything will come to you as a pleasant surprise. What’s wrong with having expectations is that you get progressively disappointed and start to lose faith in your relationship.

But then again, this should have been thought through when you get on with the relationship. You should have known better as to what could have been expected and what could not. Girls, if you want your guy to be the romantic type, be sure to know that no guys can be romantic over night or maybe forever. If you want him to be romantic, you should talk to him about it before you think of starting a relationship with him. If he doesn’t show any sort of romantic element in him, think hard and thorough whether this will be a major problem in your potential relationship. Things like that will prevent unwanted breakups and separation… 

6. Emotional and Physical needs

Some people have very high emotional and/or physical needs, it's always good to find this out before starting a relationship. If you're a more independent person who appreciates some personal space and freewill, never go through with a person of the opposite. While, if you're a very dependent person and who would like some dominance over another person, think again... Or talk to your potential partner about it because it's only courteous to do so... Don't "surprise" your partner with demands and control over him/her, you'll not only suffocate them but repel them away from you. 

Also, if you're one who needs high physical needs, don't "surprise" your partner with over physical interactions as well, introduce it slowly and make sure your partner is ok with it before getting your hands all over him/her. This, again, will only drive them away from you... 

7. Maturity

It takes two hands to clap. If one of you do not have a maturity level that can withstand difficulties in a relationship, think again. And how do you know what maturity level your potential partner has? Well, observe them... and you, being the more "mature" one hopefully, should be able to evaluate your readiness into this relationship. Would you love every moment with him/her, or would you dread every moment because you feel like you're bringing a 4-year old kid out to play?

8. Idealistic differences

Idealistic differences could mean life values, religious thoughts, habits, attitudes, lifestyle and tastes. Some of these differences could be overcome through communication, understanding and acceptance. But you should need to find out what could potentially annoy you when it comes to a long-term relationship with this person. If you cannot stand this "annoyance", what makes you think you won't be annoyed in the future? Are you confident to accept it without complain? Will you be ready to embark on this life-long journey with this "annoyance"?

9. Family backgrounds

Everyone has different family backgrounds. It's the embracing of these different backgrounds that makes a relationship work. If you have a very simple family who doesn't have a lot of drama, will you be ready to cope with dramas of your partner's family? If you come from a very humble family, while your partner is the son/daughter of a tycoon, would you not feel inferior to him/her? Remember you are not only committing to your partner, but their family as well. Are you ready to embrace this extended family as well?

10. Never dive into love

One thing that I learnt is to never dive into love. Love takes time and everyone should admit it. Rushing into love never brings you the results you want. Yes, you get the head over heels feeling and fall into this frenzy and just want to settle on it. This applies especially when you feel that you're getting older and feel like not much time is left for you. Well, I can only say that, do you want to live the rest of your life in regret? Or do you want to find the right person even if it takes a little more time? The choice is you, but for me, the latter is a more well-deserving choice, don't you think?

Keep musing,

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Starting 2015 right...

Happy New Year to all my Musers! Yes, 2015 is finally here. Say good bye to all the negativity in 2014 and carry the positivity into this new year! I thought I could share with guys my (somewhat) New Year's resolution, just some promises I would like to make to myself!

1. Love Myself

You know what they say, you have to love yourself before loving others!

2. Love Others More

Not to limit my love and love passionately. Love my family, friends, schoolmates, people, students and teachers.

3. Stay Positive

Staying positive is difficult, but it sets you in a calm mood and allows you to think more rationally and realize the other side of the story.

4. Stay Healthy

I've been falling sick quite often in 2014, and I admit this could be due to my lack of exercise. I'd like to spend more time on exercising and eating right.

5. Stay Creative

You can only outdo yourself if you think creatively. Sometimes you might just need to stop learning to do even bigger things. Be inventive and you might just surprise yourself.

6. Being Consistent in School

I've got quite decent results for my first semester in school, and I'm not intending to sabotage this! I want to do even better, and for this to happen, I would need to be consistent in my work in school and revising them after school!

7. Be an Awesome Friend

In 2014, I've made many new friends, due to my part time job and new school. I want to be an awesome friend to them and make even more new friends! Because, who doesn't like an awesome friend and someone to talk to when they need, right?

8. Make More Milestones

2014 has been filled with many milestones, and I'm just hoping more of it to happen this next year. I want to outdo myself!

9. Self-Improvement

In order to be successful in life, I need to have a right attitude towards life and get to know myself better, or rather, better myself as a person. I'd want to further improve my social skills, attitude, skills in general, being kind and face difficulties without fear.

10. Earn & Save More Money

Of course, who can forget about this. I'll be officially starting to teach violin to have an income and hopefully independent of my own expenses. I also want to save more money for my future; settling down, growing my family and travel around the world with the love of my life.

What are some of your promises?

Keep musing,