Wednesday, July 30, 2014

// love & fate

A love that is fated, what we call 'soul mates'...

You may not have experienced this yet, but Fate knows what it's doing.

I believe everyone has a soulmate waiting to be found, like two jigsaw puzzle pieces that fit perfectly with the other. It could be the person who has always been right in front of you, or it could be the person who is on the other side of earth, but put your trust in Fate, because it knows what it's doing.

Love is a powerful feeling not everyone has felt it yet, but it is one of the luxuries of being a human; to feel strongly. 

Love comes to you like an infection, permeating throughout your body, mind and soul. All you could think of is being able to be with that person, and let's not forget how your heart has that sinking feeling when you think of him/her. That smile you break into without knowing; that's genuine. The tears you shed just thinking about him; that's genuine. The eye gaze you do when you see him; that's genuine. The desire for him to stay safe and not get into any illness; that's genuine. 

To have found your soul mate

Being able to find your soul mate and fall in love is one of the most exciting things to look forward to in life. It is the realisation of a common understanding of each other's behaviour and needs. To have compromises made to stay harmoniously together. It is the ability to have found someone to laugh with, laugh at and laugh to. This person is also the one who is able to go through your ups and downs with you; your best friend forever. It is the definition of bliss and happiness. 

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