Saturday, August 23, 2014

attractive guys (part ||)

This is a continuation for my previous post "attractive guys (part |)"

6. A friend

Be there when she needs help. You can be the hero to save the damsel in distress! Be ready to listen to her and, if possible, offer her some advice. Though you might risk being friend-zoned, a relationship always has a starting point, which is being friends. Sometimes, a girl just needs a listening ear, and knowing that you are willing to hear her out will definitely attract her to you. 

7. Observant

make the effort to notice the small things she mentioned to you and remember them. Guys tend to forget or not pay attention to these, but these are really all that matters. Did she tell you about that close friend of hers who was in trouble? Even if it was just a casual sidetrack of a conversation, keep up with her and ask how her friend is now. She'll be so impressed that you remembered! Noticed what her favourite food is? Surprise them with it! Food + attentive guy + surprise = swoon

8. Initiative

Be manly enough to ask her out or do something as a group (but you know this is just an excuse). Initiate conversations; this could be via text messaging. Maybe use the usual excuse "what homework do we have?" 

9. You can cook

One word: HOT

I don't mean just cup noodles, but full-on pot-and-pan cooking. Be it your favourite pasta, asian dish, soup and so on, make sure that girl KNOWS about it. Even if you can bake, flaunt it! You can even surprise her with cakes or sweets. Definitely. Attractive. 

10. Dream pursuer and a hard worker

Every girl wants to know that you're one who is dependable. Many girls look for security in life, a guy who knows their goals and dreams in life. With a goal comes hard work. With hard work comes a stable career and an income. It's going back to the same thing: SECURITY. 

These are the ten points to being attractive to girls (or at least to me). Hope it helped!

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