Tuesday, August 19, 2014

attractive guys (part |)

I think, a lot of guys out there are cracking their brains to know what attract girls, or how to attract them. What I'm about to do here, is like a cheat sheet to attract that girl you've always been crazy over and whom you want to impress, and MAYBE progress into something more. You're welcome.

1. Good attitude

Every girl likes a guy who has a good attitude. Firstly, a guy who treats his family nice, especially when they interact with their siblings, is SO attractive. If you are able to treat the people closest to you well, the girl will know that you'll treat her as well as you do to them.

Secondly, keep your attitude in check, in other words, don't be snobby. This could be in a restaurant when you are ordering food; treat the waitresses and waiters nicely, give them chances. If your food seem to take a long time, enquire nicely but not harshly. "Hi, could you check if my order is ready?" vs. "Excuse me, my food is taking too damn long, you're wasting my time... *big sigh*" really makes a difference on the impression given. Let the girl know that you're gentlemanly like that!

Thirdly, have a positive attitude in life. No one wants to be with a person who sobs constantly. Stop all of your negative bulls**t. You think "no one likes me, so why would she?" or "someday we're going to break up, so why try?". Just STOP. It's annoying and frustrating. Change your mindset and build your confidence. When you start to think positively, you add excitement in other people's life and they will be naturally drawn to you!

2. Good converser

Impress a girl by being able to start and keep a conversation going. Even if you're usually a shy person, make the effort to make her feel special. Just talk about everything and anything under the sun. Being able to get a conversation going shows a girl that you can connect with her. And trust me, girls are all about being able to connect with the opposite sex. With a connection, means a common understanding, which is vital, and definitely attractive. 

3. Great image

Guys, you have no idea how you dress yourself could make a difference. Make the effort to look like you've thought about how to dress and not just by simply throwing on an old t-shirt and a pair of ripped jeans. Take fashion advice from blogs and celebrities, go shopping at coveted brands, better yet, make an investment. You ARE what you DRESS. Don on simple accessories like a watch or a simple bracelet. Girls will know that you've made an effort to look good, and when you do, it's super hot!

With your appearance, comes your health and fitness. Go to the gym once in awhile to build some muscles! And I don't mean hulk-like muscles, contrary to belief, they're actually a turn off to most girls... What I'm saying are just-defined sets of arm muscles / biceps. Show that you've made the effort to work out and that you're strong, which makes the girl feel protected. 

4. Be goofy and fun to be with

Although it's good to be serious sometimes, but being serious all the time is SO damn boring! Shake it up, be goofy, do silly things! But of course, not over the edge; note that NOT every guy can pull this off. But you can always try it out! With this, you know that you can be your goofy own self in front of her. If she laughs at you, don't shy away, it might be a good sign that she's enjoying it! Better yet, she might just join in and make a fool out of herself as well!

5. Possess a set of skills or talent

Do you possess any skill or talent? Flaunt it! Be it a sport, knowing how to play an instrument, repairman, acting, architect, arts, photography, dance, popular YouTuber, blogger or barista. By letting the girl know that you have this skill/talent, you're making yourself stand out among the other boring ole' guys. Plus, knowing that you are passionate about something is rather attractive! 

To be continued... Keep a lookout for Part II

Keep musing,

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