Sunday, August 17, 2014

be beautiful

Have you ever looked at a girl and thought, "wow, she's so beautiful", even though her looks might be just average-looking? Well, I did. This girl was having lunch with her boyfriend and she was just smiling so genuinely and happily; obviously having a good time. To be honest, I was so jealous of her. I thought she was just simply beautiful and full of sunshine.

I spent the last year hiding under my shell and just constantly feeling depressed over why other girls could exude such beauty and sunshine. One day, I just had an epiphany and thought I've got this all wrong! What I figured here are the Top 10 ways to Be Beautiful.

1. Accept Yourself

This is really the first step to living a better life and being happy with it. It's life-changing. I used to be so caught up with my flaws that I forget about the other good points I have. One day, I finally made a list of all the things I like about myself; both physical and mental. I started to renew my thoughts and just focussed on the things I likes about myself. And it WORKS. Note this, nobody is perfect, I could not have stressed this better. Accept and forgive yourself. Life is too short for you to torture yourself in. 

2. Smile often

I didn't believe a smile could change my mood until I tried it. In fact, a smile is contagious. Have you ever smiled to a person and receive a smile back? I think that is precious. It's a twitching of your facial muscles, and it does wonders! When life gives you lemons, just smile and say thanks! ( Do you know how beneficial lemons are BY THE WAY? )

3. Meet people

Yes, the most dreaded, meeting people, even more so, strangers. Yes, it's awkward, frightening and nerve-wrecking, but every friendship starts somewhere, right? I mean, you don't have to walk up to just ANY stranger. Get a part-time job, get to know your co-workers, converse and make friends. I was never a talker until I met a co-worker who really tried to get to know me. It was an eye-opener. From then on, I did the same thing to the other co-workers and my social circle expanded rapidly. I was a totally different person, a more outgoing one. By meeting new people, you get to experience the different vibes, and you naturally become more sensitive and empathetic to people, which not many people are capable of. Being able to have these instincts make you beautiful.

4. Take care of yourself

Try your best to lead a healthy lifestyle. This not only improves your aesthetics, it improves you on the inside as well; your body in general. For starters, drink plenty of water throughout the day. Then, proceed to having an exercise routine, perhaps 3 times a week. Try to incorporate healthy eating as well, eating organic foods, whole foods, vegetables and lean meats. I used to dread over acne on my face, and I swore only acne could make me cry for the rest of my life. At the start of this year, I finally went to the doctors to get it checked. I received medication and it improved vastly. I have never felt happier in my life, and happy girls make beautiful girls. 

5. Make the world your runway

You've seen runway models, how they exude confidence in the most fashionable outfits fresh from the designers. Try this, make the world your runway. Though you might not have the riches to buy that Zac Posen dress, you can definitely exude confidence through your own style. Strut down the streets like nobody's looking, or even better, strut down the streets to impress, it's really up to you. Make the effort to dress nice even though it's just crossing the road to buy tissue packets. You act the way the way you dress; I could not have agreed more. Confident girls make beautiful girls, think about it!

6. Know you deserve everything you have

I used to think, when my classmates wanted me to join them for lunch, that they were just doing for the sake of being nice, and that they didn't mean it. I felt that I never really belonged to the group. I always felt that I'm the odd one out and unable to fit in. But recently, I felt that I was totally wrong and shouldn't have felt that way, as this will have an adverse effect and grow apart from them even more. So change your mindset and know that you deserve EVERYTHING that you have or could have. Having good company makes you beautiful. 

7. It's okay to not be in a relationship

You see all the other girls with their boyfriends in school and on the streets, and you just feel that you don't deserve to have a boyfriend because of all your flaws... Why not think about it this way, you are smart and clever enough to wait for the RIGHT ONE. You're independent and free as ever. You can do whatever you want and you don't give a damn. There's really nothing wrong with being single! You'll begin to feel that you're beautiful like this.

8. Indulge yourself

Do what you like and love. Though you could be very busy with life, you can always make time for the things you are passionate about. Some girls turn to window-shopping or full-on shopping spree. Some girls turn to reading a good book. It's really up to you! These are the things that are able to make you feel good instantly. Don on the perfect dress you just bought and feel beautiful.

9. Be kind

Do little things and know that you have, in some ways, contributed to the society or the world in general. This could be helping an old lady cross the road or offer to assist her with her grocery, or simply donating your loose change to the buskers on the streets. Love animals? Work in an animal shelter or adopt one if you can to care for them. Knowing that you've helped the ones in need in some ways makes you feel beautiful inside and out. 

10. Be with people who makes you happy

In other words, BE with happy people. I could not have agreed more to this quote "The happiest people don't have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything". They are not only fun to be with, they exude this aura that livens and brightens up your day. This could be your friends in school, your co-workers or even your partner. They are the ones who will de-stress you from the stressful situations in life. They not only make you happy, but make you feel beautiful, as happy girls make the most beautiful girls. 

I hope these have inspired you to better yourself and gave you some positive vibes for the rest of your life.

Keep musing,

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