Friday, August 1, 2014

// for him

Planning his birthday is tough, because you want it to be his happiest day, and most importantly not bore him... And let's not forget about the present, tough decisions huh... 

Well, this was what I did and got for him, just some ideas or inspirations! 

/ The present (part I)

Yes, let's get this over and done with. So I was thinking that our group of mutual friends 
could chip in any amount they want for the present and then the rest of the amount by me. 
I knew that he was yearning for an iPad Air bag to also fit in his other stuff 
like sunglasses, wallet, etc. 

The search: 

I knew I was going for a high quality and efficient/well-designed bag, so I went to the higher end yet affordable stores like Benjamin Barker, Domanchi, Pedro, Zara, as well as some never-heard-of shops like "urban de.fine" at Marina Square. I had high hopes for Benjamin Barker when I saw it at Marina Square. And so I went in and BAM! my eyes lit up at the sight of this.

I mean, how pretty is this?! 

So I checked the price and spread the news to the whatsapp group I created for the "fund-sourcing", and had really good feedback! Everyone loved it. Thumbs up for my luck!

/ The other Present (Part II)

So, I figured I could still give him another present, since I had two parts for my birthday present as well :) 
I took a walk at Ngee Ann City's Takashimaya, a departmental multi-label store. 
I remembered he wanted a pair of cufflinks as well. And wow, never have I thought 
how difficult it is to pin-point which ones I want since there were 
so many designs to choose from. 

After searching countless display cases, I figured I could go for the personalised/customised approach. 
And so I saw these cufflinks that had cursive letters, subtle and classy. I decided to get our initials. 
Take my advice, you will never go wrong with anything customised. 
So these are the ones I found.

Like I said, subtle and classy. Best combination in my opinion!

/ For the Day

Surprise movie treat //

For the day itself, I only had half of the day to spend due to family matters, 
but it's not the quantity that matters but the quality :) I had planned to surprise him 
with a movie treat at City Square Golden Village. I told him we were heading straight to Bugis 
for our dinner venue beforehand, but I abruptly stopped at a couple stations earlier at Farrer Park. 
He was so confused it was amusing to watch! :D 

The timing was so perfect that we were able to catch the 4:15pm show, mission 1 accomplished. 

Unplanned ice cream treat at Dairy Queen //

If you are going to City Square mall at Farrer Park, Dairy Queen is a definite must-go dessert place.
We shared a large Oreo blizzard (served upside down). 

We had a seat where he could have his presents revealed. 

If you'd like to learn how I tied this bag, comment below or PM me, I'd do a tutorial on it :) 
Anyway, he really liked the presents (phew!), or at least that's what he said. 
Moving on with my plan!

Unknown dinner venue //

Though I told him that we are going to dine near Bugis, I did not tell him where the exact venue was. It's the element of surprise that makes this whole thing fun! So along the way, I was trying to make him guess the exact venue. And again, it was amusing to watch him guess and how he pretended he knows the answer. 

Going up the escalator, anticipation escalated as well! We finally arrived on the third storey and walked towards 
Platypus Kitchen. There wasn't really a crowd, so it was rather nice to dine in the quiet environment, a more intimate atmosphere. 

He ordered a risotto, while I ordered fish roe pasta, each with a soup and shared white wine mussels.


A trip back home //

After the dinner, we ended our day with him sending me home. All in all, it was an enjoyable day, like all the other days we had together. Hope this gave you some ideas and inspirations for your "his day".

Keep musing,

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