Sunday, August 10, 2014


I was sitting on a couch and just wandered into visioning my own family, what kind of parent I'd like to be in the future. 


I look up to my own mum when it comes to being supportive. It's the feeling of how someone who got your back however with whatever. Try this, compliment them from time to time; not just for the sake of complimenting, but focussing on their good rather than their bad. Let them know you appreciate and support them. 

Stable career

To me, being able to provide for the family is most important. Become a role model for your kids in this. Needless to say, having a stable career ensures a stable lifestyle for yourself and your own family. 


The world is nothing without love, and it's powerful. There's no family without love. How to love? Accept them, accept their changes, let them discover their own identity but also ensure they are out of danger. 


Though there are times where you should get serious with them, being fun is very important as well. Casual outings to the theme parks, malls or even vacations really gel the family together, at least according to my experiences.  


Be a friend whom they can tell their secrets to. There are parents who try too hard at this, prying into their privacy through their phones, Facebook and whatnot. It could be difficult for them to open up to you, but this just means that you would have to earn their trust. Be a cool parent to know not to judge them but guide them and give them advice. 


The last thing you want is for your children to get over your heads. Though you can be fun and a friend to them, they ought to show you respect. It's the idea of give-and-take. But first of all, be your children's role model. Do ensure a certain level of control over them until you feel that they are capable of making their own decisions and whatnot. 


Nothing beats a healthy family. Make an effort to live a healthy lifestyle like being able to exercise together or cooking healthy food for them with occasional indulgence. 


With a family comes commitment. I wouldn't want to give up halfway and just leave them, but embrace the ups and downs and accept that it's parts and parcels of life. 

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