Saturday, August 30, 2014


This post will be some outfit inspirations taken from K-Pop Hyuna's RED music video. She really looked red hot in that video. Click here for the link to the music video!

#1 Psychedelic 

This psychedelic print outfit is casual yet statement-making. Definitely chic and turns heads. 

#2 Prints

This is a cute outfit to incorporate prints for starters. Opposite attracts; if you have a printed bottom, keep the top simple and vice versa

#3 Sexy

This cropped outfit is super sexy as it shows off your curves and makes your legs look longer. All hail short shorts and pumps!

#4 Casual Chic

I love this outfit. It is feminine yet masculine at the same time. Feminine because of the turtle neck crop top and masculine because of the boyfriend jeans. I'd love to rock this outfit!

#5 Metallic

This metallic ensemble is statement-making as well. The golds and bronze make this outfit look grand as ever. Of course, it would be awkward to wear this out, so I'd suggest changing up the top to a neutral color to make it more wearable. 

#6 Red

This red outfit is a bright ensemble, more like an outfit to rock during Chinese New Year, haha! But yes, the bracelet gives it a rock element while at the same time feminine through the red and heels. 

#7 Moto-Chic

Hot. This leather ensemble is so much more appropriate for car models, but who cares? It's fantastic to show off your wild side. And those crazy over the knee boots? BAM!

#8 Fruit Frenzy

This is a more quirky outfit featuring... Bananas. Of course, you could switch it to any other fruits. This is a fun and cute outfit, though not everyone can rock it.

#9 Red Hot

Red crop, red shorts, red heels and red lips. Enough said. 

#10 Python

This is another wild outfit but more subtle. Through the python print shorts, this outfit is definitely wearable. The golden arm cuff and lace up heels add an edge to this outfit. 

#11 Egyptian Queen

Saving the best for the last, is this Egyptian inspired outfits. Gold from head to toe. This is most appropriate for that Egyptian themed party or maybe even Halloween! 

I hope these outfits have inspired you in some ways!

Keep musing,

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