Saturday, August 16, 2014

[ S ] outfit of the day

I went to support S while he coached in a fencing workshop at Singapore Sports Hub today! Don't worry, I did not participate, I was just sitting at a corner trying to look glamorous.. Sooo this is my outfit of the day (OOTD) 

Top - Uniqlo
Bottom - H&M
Outerwear - H&M
Shoes - Bershka

I've got my basic top and bottom, black spaghetti top and white denim shorts, and then I layered on this oh-so-chic greyish-black outerwear. Though it looks quite thick, it's rather breathable since I rolled up the sleeves and left it unzipped. Sometimes, you just got to suffer a little for the sake of looking good! The boots give this outfit an extra kick, and of course, who can forget about the sunglasses? 

I hope this outfit inspired you in some ways.

Keep musing,

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