Monday, August 25, 2014

Shake it off

I'm sure you have watched Taylor Swift newest hit single "Shake it Off" from her newest album "1989". I have been obsessed with the music video and of course her outfit changes. I've curated the following outfits inspired by the music video!

#1 Hip Hop

I like the sportiness of this outfit with the varsity jacket and the cap. The marble-patterned crop top further adds a punch and edge to this outfit. 

#2 Ballet

What I like about this outfit is that it's effortless and definitely lounge-wear appropriate. You can just throw this outfit on while you take a slack at home. Or do some yoga or warm up exercises in this.

#3 Taylor

This is Taylor. Red lip stick, black turtle neck and metallic shoes. This contrasts with the other outfits as it is more understated but still classy. 

#4 Ballerina

This outfit is especially ballerina-inspired. Together with the crown, this outfit is also princess-like, which I adore. Instead of a TuTu, a more understated tulle midi skirt can be substituted for a more wearable look. The nude heels also creates the illusion of a ballet shoe. 

#5 Twerk

This is a sexy punk-rock outfit. It features leopard print, gold accessories and short shorts to show off that twerk you've been working on. This is definitely loud and statement-making.

#6 Cheerleader

I especially loved her cheerleader outfit. It was fresh and she definitely looked great. She could really pull off as a cheerleader! The gist in this is to have colour blocking in your outfit and a crop top to show off that abs you've been working on. 

#7 Metallic

Feeling adventurous and bold? Why not don on an all-metallic look. Be a show stopper when you walk into the malls or even on streets. This was definitely a comedic outfit change with the oversized glasses and short blonde wig. 

If you'd like to rock these outfits, hashtag #museestate or @muse_estate on instgram! I'd love to take a look at your take on these!

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