Sunday, August 3, 2014

// a shopper trolley

This morning on the way to the bus stop, there was an old lady pulling along a full Sheng Shiong shopper trolley. I saw her slow down and look up the steps of the brick stairs. I was debating whether to help her while I walked up the stairs as I was in a rush. However, when I reached the top, something hit me (figuratively) and I turned back and walked down to ask if she needed any assistance.

I saw the shopper trolley still on the ground while she held the railings to climb up the steps.

"Aunty, 需要帮忙吗?" ("Aunty, do you need help?"). 

She smiled and said, 
"不要紧,工人回来拿,谢谢你啊!" ("It's okay, my maid is coming to get it. Thank you!"). 

I think that really brightened up both of our days, or at least it brightened up my day. Like the old saying goes, "finding happiness in giving". You do your utmost for someone who needs it more.

Try it for yourself, help an old lady/man cross the road, hold her bags on the steps up or simply letting them use the toilet first after the long awaiting queue. I am sure it will brighten up each of your day. Be kind, emphathise and care. 

Keep musing,

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