Friday, August 22, 2014

top 10 apps

I believe everyone owns a smartphone now, be it android or apple. I personally own an iPhone 5, and know how important apps are. I mean, what is a smartphone without apps? Apps help us better our lifestyle as they give us convenience. They also provide us entertainment when we're bored on public transport. Other than the usual popular apps like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, here are the top 10 apps I have installed on my iPhone.

1. I-S Now (iTunes only)

This app is made for Singaporeans who don't want to miss out on the fun. It shows you the happenings in Singapore like a concert, movie, DJ gigs, sports and many more. There's definitely a category made for you. Other than that, it also shows you the new caf├ęs, restaurants and retail areas to go to. Now, who said Singapore is boring?

2. Shazam/Soundhound 

Basically, any music identifying app will do. You hear a song, you love it and are already imagining listening to it on repeat, but you have no idea what song that is... What horror! Well, these music identifying apps will do the job! You basically just tap for the app to listen to a short snippet of the song and they will suggest song titles.

3. Pinterest

If you know me, you'll know that I'm crazy over Pinterest. It's basically an app that gives you inspirations in whatever; weddings, parties, styling, art. This app isn't one that you'll fall in love at first sight. You need to grow the boards you're following. For me, they're mostly about fashion, beauty and celebrities! What do you do? Just scroll and scroll and pin! You'll slowly find the joy in it, trust me! You can follow me @thaviolingal, just click on the Pinterest page tab above! 

4. Spotify music

Thank god for free music (most of the part)! Spotify music provides you with non-stop on-the-go listening pleasure for your long road trips. What I love about this app is that there is a "Browse" tab where you can discover new popular songs. There are curated playlists;  different moods, party, pop, workout, study, rock, chill, club, dinner, country, travel, jazz and many more. There's surely one playlist that suits your style! There is also the "Discover" tab where they suggest songs according to what you listen to the most. What's best is that it's free! However, if you want to get the whole experience, where there are NO ADS and that you can choose exactly which song to play instead of having the whole playlist on shuffle, subscribe Spotify Premium for $9.90 per month!

5. iris

Singaporeans would love this app. Iris is an app where it shows you the estimated arrival time of your bus at whichever bus stop (as long as you know the bus stop number). This helps me because I would know when to RUN and when NOT to run for the bus I'm catching. It also mentally prepares me to wait for the bus and not get anxious after 5 minutes of waiting in agony. Sometimes, if the bus is taking too long a time to arrive, I think of alternative routes, so that I will not be late for any of my appointments. 

6. Evernote

This app is especially useful for students. It's essentially a note-taking app. The special feature I like about this app is the recording function. So you can record your lesson and type down notes at the same time! Here's to not missing out on anything during classes. What's more? You can download the app on your laptop, desktop, phone and it syncs throughout all your devices! 

7. Dropbox

Here's another tool great for both working class and students. You literally have all of your important documents on the palm of your hands! It syncs throughout all of your devices as long as you are connected to the Internet. Forgot a presentation document to bring to school on your desktop? Ask any of your family members to put it in Dropbox and you're set to go! 

8. Allwomenstalk

Girls, if you don't have this app, you're really missing out on so much! They have categories like fashion, street style, beauty, food, health and fitness and many more. It is also an inspiration or reference app that is rather helpful!

9. POSB mBanking

Essentially, any mBanking will suffice. You can engage in funds transfer right from your phone! How convenient can this get? Also, you can check how much funds you have in your account, so that you can remind yourself when to and not to spend. It really beats being surprised the next time you want to withdraw money from the ATM. Been there, done that. 

10. ASOS Mag

This is for all you fashion lovers or even ASOS fans. This magazine app updates every month to provide new content. What's best? It's free! This mag offers interviews, outfit inspirations and what's currently trending. Spot something you really love? You can buy straight from your phone! I mean, how cool is that? 

What are your top 10 apps? Comment down below. 

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