Saturday, August 2, 2014

// weekly obsessions (27 Jul - 2 Aug)

/ Music: Changes (original mix) by Faul & Wad Ad

The beat, lyrics and the saxophone solo!

Baby , I don't know

Just why I love you so
Maybe it's just the way
That God made me this day

Honey, I hear you
And I'm feeling for you
It won't be too long till
We're back as one again

/ Pin:

     The architecture of this necklace is awesome. The brown is also easy to pair with any outfit.

/ Food: Beef Ramen from Hong Hu Express @ Fortune Centre

     The soup tastes great and yet not overwhelming. The beef is also perfectly cooked retaining its flavour! The service is also quick and convenient since it is just opposite my campus. 

Convenience + bonus points!

/ Random: My hush puppies sandals

     I’ve been wanting to invest in a comfortable and well-designed pair of sandals, 
but the ones I found so far either lacked the comfort aspect or the design aspect. 
My eyes lit up when I saw this pair at Hush Puppies and it was well within my budget (GSS FTW). 
The padding of the insole really was a “BUY” factor for me, as well as the well-ridged sole. 

Keep musing,

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