Wednesday, September 10, 2014


I guess not many of my readers know about my best friend. Her name is Shannon and has been my best friend since... 2010 officially. We've just been really close before that. So here's 10 signs you've found your best friend. Happy now, Shannon?

Do stupid things together

When I say stupid, I mean acting retarded all the time, even in public. It could be to the point where you're so embarrassed of her, you just want to walk away. But you don't. BEST FRIENDS STAY TOGETHER and embrace stupidity TOGETHER.

Criticise each other and not get offended

Calling each other names like "idot", "stupid", "retard", "b*tch" and so on will never offend the other. You say it and you laugh about it, nothing more.

Always having fun

It doesn't matter whether you're just chatting and chilling, you have fun. A karaoke session where you don't know the words? You don't give up, you improvise. And you have FUN doing so. Yes, we're just AWESOME like that.

You can laugh at everything 

It could just be a block of wood, a leaking tap, some passerby, anything. You will find something to laugh about it. 

The friendship is always there

Though we seldom meet up ever since we graduated, when we meet, it's like fireworks. BOOM. And we know the friendship and bond is still there. You become your retarded selves and have fun. 

Your boyfriend is jealous of her

This happened to me. He was jealous that she got to spend more time than he did. The point is, you are always with her, lunch, classes, studying and more.

Countless inside jokes

Don't even get me started on this. 

You're different but the same

She and I are really different. I love shopping while she doesn't, she likes capsicum while I hate it. I am more proactive, while she just lets the world go by around her. But when we are together, we carry the same vibe that just lets us click!

You jinx... A lot.. 

Jinx meaning you said the same thing at the same time perhaps even in the same tone. This is like telepathy, a natural connection! 

You love her

You know that however changed she becomes, you'll still embrace it and love her till the end. At times, you even have people coming up to ask if you two are lovers. That's exactly the vibe I'm talking about.

Here are some really bad quality photos of Shannon and I:

These are just 10 of the many things BFFs experience, what are yours?

Keep musing,

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