Saturday, September 6, 2014

Shoes Perfect

One of my readers suggested a post on suitable shoes for different occasions. I'm about to attempt to cover the top 10 occasions. If you'd like some additions to the list, do comment down below or ask me on :)

Wet market/Grocery shopping

Flip Flops are most suitable for wet market/grocery shopping. Keep it as casual and simple as possible and try not to ruin your nicer shoes. And make sure the outer sole is properly ridged so that you won't slip and fall!

Retail Shopping

Shopping should not strain your feet too much. You would not want hurting feet to dampen your shopping mood, right? And also, it's easier to change out of the footwear and try on new shoes. I mean, who would want to spend 5 minutes just to take off your footwear to try on new ones?

But if you still want to give yourself some height, try wedges with the lowest arch. They are comfortable and does the magic of adding some height.

Cafe-hopping/ Eating out

Cafe hopping is one of my favourite activities. On the one hand, you want to keep it comfy while on the other hand you want to keep it stylish and trendy. These pairs do the job! Fashionable yet comfortable. Again, if you want to opt for some extra height, try a wedge.


Don't you just hate graduation gowns? They stop at the most awkward length and makes you look shorter than usual. That's why, you should opt for these nude pumps. It elongates the part of the legs showing below where the gown ends and gives you some extra height!


These are classic office wear pumps. The black suede gives it a classy touch, while the platform gives you some extra height and comfort for a lower arch.


Oh yes, school... These keds are so comfortable I could wear them all day long. They are also very trendy and fashionable with all the different prints, there's surely one that you'll love.


Running shoes for sports are so important yet most people seem to overlook it. It doesn't only provide comfort but prevents your feet from getting injured. 


These pairs are show stoppers. They are all about the bling and the design. Wedges give you the extra height while retaining comfort so you can dance on that dance floor through the night!


These two pairs are most suitable for your favourite band concerts. If you're standing at the mosh pit, you'd better be comfortable in your footwear, in other words, NO HEELS. And do be considerate as well, in the case of stepping on someone else's foot with your heel, ouch...

These are most suitable for your classical concerts like dance, music or theatre. They are classy and dressy for these more formal concerts. 


In weddings and proms, you can afford to be a little more dressy! So these pairs will do just fine

I hope these have given you ideas on the perfect shoes for different occasions!

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