Tuesday, September 9, 2014

when in love...

I was never sure what it is really like being in love, until I felt some intense emotions that made me go "Wow... I never knew I could feel like this". Though this is written in the perspective of a girl, I'm pretty sure it's similar for guys as well, right?

There's no place you'd rather be

There's really no place you'd rather be than being with him. You want to share every moment in life with him, get your daily dose of happiness and share the ups and downs just with him. He might be doing something that bores you, but heck, you just want to be with him.

You miss him constantly

When I say constantly, I mean constantly, like, all the time. Sometimes you could miss him so hard that tears just well up in your eyes and you physically feel pain in your heart. He has become like a desktop wallpaper in your mind you can't get rid of. You feel that life's unfair that he can't be here with you. 

You smile when you think of him

It could be a bad joke he cracked or something he did, you just start to smile or even laugh at your own thoughts of him. And then you start to miss him so strongly, that you start tearing up again. This is what I call the laughing --> crying phase.

You are your best self when you're with him

You start to realise you're the best version when you're with him. You suddenly become more cheerful, change in attitude towards him and feel more beautiful on the inside and out. Your family and friends might say you're a totally changed person when you're with him but, honestly, you just become a better person with him by your side.

You want him to be always happy

You become so self-conscious because you want to make him happy and never upset him ever. You naturally become upset when he is, and then you celebrate when he's cheerful again.

Hugging him is your new hobby

The feeling of hugging him becomes the best feeling in the world because you know everything you wanted is just in front of you in your embrace. You feel the warmth you've been craving and love you've desired.

Gazing at him is your second new hobby

The next best thing is just looking at him do his things. Be careful though, this may come off as REALLY awkward and creepy. You start to realise how blessed you are being able to call this guy your partner or your significant other. You gaze at him and, unaware, start to smile.

You forgive him

He never seem to run out of second chances. He might have pissed you off at some point in time but you know you love him enough to forgive and forget, because you want him to be always happy.

You want to introduce him to your parents

You are so excited to have known him and now that you've got him, you want your whole world to know. You not only want to introduce him to your parents, you want them to accept him. It is like you've got the highest score in class and want to show it off to the world.

You trust him

You tell him everything and are not afraid of being judged. You trust him enough to be away from him because you know you can never be always together even though you really want to. You trust him enough to give him space and his own freedom. You trust him enough to know that nobody is perfect but you accept. 

I hope these points have helped you out in figuring out what being in love is like. These are just 10 of the many points, comment down below if you have other points!

Keep musing,

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