Friday, September 19, 2014

You earn respect...

There are some qualities in people that I just completely detest; one who thinks they are always right (never admits they're wrong), turn things the way they want you to think, not doing the things they preach, pushing their responsibilities to other people. Out of all this, they still think they are on top of things, like what? If you want respect, you earn it, no one is entitled to it.

Don't be unreasonable

Don't do something so ridiculous and expect people around you to comply to it, you're being unreasonable.

Don't take things for granted

When you ask for a favour, never expect an agreement to it. You are the one asking for the favour, which that person can simply decline. Don't go all attitude if he/she declines. "You've never did anything for me", really?

The world doesn't revolve around anyone, including you

The Earth revolves around the Sun, not you. Other people have their own lives, they don't have their life dedicated to you ONLY. No one does.

Don't do unto others what you don't want others to do unto you

When you do something to others, think about how you would feel if others were to do the same to you. Truthfully, would you feel comfortable? Would you feel good or happy? If the answers are 'no', the other person probably most likely feel the same... Deal with it.

No one is always right

You go all knowledgeable about stuff and things, but you're not always right, and you should know it. Stop being so egoistic.

Everyone has their right to believe in something

What you believe is not what everyone else should believe. Everyone has their own opinions to things. Please accept it and not turn these opinions back into your way to prove the other person otherwise. It's plain annoying and downright manipulative.

Please think about others before acting

Please think about others before acting, you're probably compromising on his/her comfort zone. What is he/she coping with right now? Is he/she really free now? Think about such circumstances before ordering anything onto that person...

Being too rigid is to your own disadvantage

No one wants to be with someone who is too rigid. Keeping up with what's going on in the world is so important, being stubborn doesn't help either.

Nothing beats meeting a nice person, but when you meet one who is not...

Keep musing,

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