Monday, October 27, 2014


You know, I feel that all my life, I've been really lucky. Yes, there are low points in my life, but nonetheless smooth sailing.


I have a family that has been supporting me all this while. A family that is cohesive and has home-cooked dinner around the dinner table together. I have a sister who is so amazing, how we enjoy each other's company whenever we have the chance. I have a mum who is super supportive of me and the superwoman  of our household. I have a dad who makes sure we are safe and offers to fetch us home whenever it's too late.

Though there are times where i get frustrated due to some reasons, but I still am thankful for being born into this family.


I'm lucky to have a chance to be in an arts school to focus on my dream of being a professional violinist.  I'm lucky to have been awarded a scholarship to lighten my family's financial burden. I'm lucky to have assigned a teacher I wanted and learn so many new things from him and guiding me to become a better violinist.


I've had a fair share of both good and bad friends, but I'm lucky enough to have been able to distinguish between them. Having friends of a similar wavelength is really all that one could ask for, because they won't judge you and will always stay by your side, no matter what ridiculous things you do. I'm lucky to have found them and also a best friend whom I can keep no matter how busy we are being apart.


It overwhelms me how much I'm loved and can love. I'm lucky to be able to wake up in the morning with a smile just thinking of him. I'm lucky to be able to feel so strongly that my heart does this little sinking feeling when I miss him. I'm lucky to have found him, how I constantly feel a joy that consumes me.

I am lucky to be lucky in my life, and am very grateful to whoever who have made my life more bearable and happy to live. 

Keep musing,

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