Saturday, October 11, 2014

Through lenses: Narrative

Wow... these few weeks have been so hectic I didn't even have time to blog. Too many rehearsals going on in and out of school. But here is another series of 10 photos with the theme "narrative". So basically, I snap something with the element of a human to tell a story... How do you think I fared?

Down the Drain

Write-up: This photograph shows a framed childhood photograph of the photographer, playing the violin, lying in the drain. This portrays the photographer’s state of mind, being in fear that a long nurturing process would go to waste; a literal interpretation of the phrase “efforts gone down the drain”. 

Just You and Me

Write-up: This photograph shows a couple dining together at a restaurant. The photographer captures the married couple who has sought solace of their time alone, taking a break from their children, over a simple meal.

Time Freeze 

Write-up: This photograph shows a broken-down car in the middle of the road with a man at the open car bonnet. The photographer portrays the freezing of time of the driver whose car has broken down. As his mode of transport becomes nonfunctional, his plans for the day become on halt. 

Soldier On

Write-up: This photograph shows a boy wearing a British flag helmet and carrying a backpack, with his arm stretched out on a concrete slope. The photographer portrays a projected future of the boy as a soldier as he is wearing a helmet and a backpack alike in the army. 

All Eyes on Me

Write-up: This photograph shows the renowned busker on Orchard Road of Singapore, the woola hula uncle, while the passer-bys are all looking at him, making him the centre of attention. The photographer captures her amazement towards the attention given to this old man despite a seemingly simple act.

Cardboard Uncle

Write-up: This photograph shows a pile of flattened cardboard boxes stacked on the backseat of a bicycle, while revealing a pair of legs underneath. This man has been collecting cardboard boxes for a living for most of his life, hence people call him the cardboard uncle. The photographer portrays the man's loss of self-identity through the lack of a face one can identify with. 


Write-up: This photograph shows a chef chopping a fish. The chef's head is cropped out to signify an equivalence of the "beheading" of poultry and fish by the chef. The chef on the left with his hands on the waist denotes a comedic yet satirical implication, as if he's imitating a chicken. 

The Uncelebrated

Write-up: This photograph shows a construction site with a relatively small silhouette of a construction worker on the top left. Most of the time, only the end product of a construction is celebrated, but not the process. The photographer brings out the idea of the “uncelebrated”, how the construction workers work day and night but are never recognized for their efforts. The relatively small silhouette therefore portrays the insignificance of the construction worker towards the public. 


Write-up: This photograph shows a boy and a girl on a makeshift playground made out of cardboard boxes laid down on the floor. The photographer captures how the children seek joy in a simple set up as they play amongst themselves. 

Time with Ah Ma 

Write-up: This photograph shows an old lady at the front seat of a van looking out of the window. The photographer attempts to capture rare moments going out with her grandmother.

Photos are taken with Samsung NX2000 in manual mode and then edited.

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