Saturday, October 4, 2014

Wisdom Surgery

So yes, I got my wisdom tooth (bottom left) removed as it was hurting due to lack of space to grow and it was totally hitting on my other tooth. See that pun there? And yes, you may go on with the wisdom teeth jokes, haha. Anyway, here's an X-ray of my teeth.

Pretty cool stuff, right? Apparently, all my wisdom teeth have already grown out as you can see from above. Only the bottom left is giving me problems (so far). So, the dentist recommended it to be extracted since there's already no space for it to grow. It's a surgical process, meaning anaesthetics and knife. And yes, you get mc of up to 5 days. 

On to the surgery, which is scheduled 2 days later, oh good Lord... The procedure itself was virtually painless, and so were the next 2 hours due to the anaesthetics. But gosh, after that was just plain nightmare. Just a (not really) fun fact, I am allergic to painkillers, meaning my eyes will puff up and my throat will swell up after taking painkillers. So yes, it was pretty much the worst feeling I've ever experienced living with THAT pain. 

The pain woke me up about 5 times at night while I was trying to fall asleep, curling up my body in the attempt to reduce the pain (ya, didn't work at all). Another part was that it affected my appetite. I could not even open my mouth big enough to eat my popiah (Chinese wrap). I also literally lived eating mashed potato and fruit juice. 

I also noticed that I had some mood fluctuations, and so explain my absence recently.

Thank goodness those were all over... Though it still feels uncomfortable with the stitchings. But yes, the pain is all over.

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