Monday, December 15, 2014

10 Days to Christmas: H&M Picks

Christmas is right around the corner, are you guys excited?? Well, I've got a treat for you guys, welcome to a new series "10 days to Christmas", where I'll be posting content everyday in preparation for Christmas! Today, we'll kick off this series with my favourite shopping destination, H&M. All these outfits revolve around a H&M dress, which are available in stores!

What I love about H&M is that they make designer pieces available at affordable prices, which is, you know, what could be better right?

This first outfit features a black maxi dress with sparkly stones around the neckline ($S$99.90). I feel the sparkly stones are very festive-appropriate, adding a bit of glam but not overdoing it at the same time. I paired this with a silver belt to accentuate the waist, a pearl clutch and a pair of heels.

This second outfit inclines towards the foxy side with a black lace dress (S$99.90). I think lace is a very feminine touch to any outfit, sets you in a festive mood as well. For this dress, I paired with nude colours to really bring out the lace. So, nude clutch, belt and heels. 

I love this flared dress (S$119), it's in such a festive colour and cute! This is definitely a party dress and the red will really make you stand out from the crowd! If you're afraid of the cold, I would suggest putting on a faux fur vest, so as not to take away the glamour of this dress, but rather accentuate it! I paired this with a lace clutch and a pair of heels. 

This next outfit features a long-slit dress (S$79.90). With a plunging neckline and a long-slit, you have already won... You'll be the centre of attention in any party, though I'm not sure about family functions :) This is such a glamorous dress at such affordable price, and so I bring out the gold with a gold bangle and clutch. A heel is all you need to top this outfit off. 

I hope this post has inspired you for your Christmas outfits!

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