Monday, December 8, 2014

Life and Dreams

Let's talk about dreams... Dreams are

  • a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person's mind during sleep
  • a cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal

I'm pretty sure everyone dreams, in either or both of the above contexts. Everybody yearns to achieve something in their life, be it money, bragging rights, a status, love, intelligence or a name. Simply put, a fulfilment and perhaps a thing to signify you have lived your life worth-while. We strive to achieve these Dreams, some get it with hard work, well some get it the easy way. 

Personally, I prefer getting it with hard work, because you know that you've earned something by yourself with your own capabilities. And wouldn't life be so boring if you just get what you want whenever you want? It's alike using cheats in games. Although you get to the end of the game fast, but what you earned out of it would be much more inferior than what you would have by playing the game truthfully without cheats. 

Well, let's talk about my dreams. When I was really young, perhaps 4-7 years old, what I aspired to do was becoming a cashier because I found scanning price tags, swiping credit cards and receiving money fun. So, it's safe to say that half of my toy collections are cash registers. However, as I grew up, I had another dream, to become an actress, something much more challenging and more skills-demanding. I got signed up by my parents to attend acting classes to improve my speech. Then, I wanted to be a singer/model, I think this arose when I started to incline towards fashion and social media. I wanted to make a name of my own. Now, my current dream is really to become a fantastic violinist/soloist

Now that I looked back, I've pretty much fulfilled most of my dreams (and yes, even being a cashier)! And having fulfilled most of them at this age, I am feeling rather thankful knowing that I am living an eventful life I look forward to. Yes, sometimes I would have hoped for an easy way out, but having gone through the journey, there's nothing I would have wanted different. 

What's coming up next in my life is yet to be revealed, but it very well excites me. I wish this post has inspired you to do all the crazy things you want in life, and making your life one that you're happy to live in. Make your dreams come true and live in it. You know what they say, live your dreams!

Keep musing,

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