Monday, March 9, 2015

7 things that make life more bearable...

Hello there, how's life? Good? Bad? Sorry for not posting for so long, I'm a busy girl now! If you're stressing about life, here are 7 things that make life more bearable.

1. Friends

Whether you are old or young, friends make life just that much more bearable. In school, you have your friends who understand what you're going through and who support each other. At work, you have your colleagues to gossip with about the new boss and the clients/customers. They allow you to let off just enough steam to make you go on with life despite it seeming to suck so bad. In your neighbourhood, you have your chatting buddies where you gather together to watch football or have a tennis match with. They make you laugh and realize there's really more into life than what you're stressing about.

2. Family

Your family is the people you can always fall back to no matter what you did. They forgive and they forget with welcoming arms back home. They make sure you're properly fed, healthy and cared for. Yes, they nag, but all because they care for you! Knowing there are people who care, isn't that enough?

3. Music

Being a music lover, i really cannot imagine a world without it. I mean, what else can you do when you're in awkward situations? Just plug in your headphones, you're in your own little wonderland. Or when you're feeling down, and wanting to cry, just plug into sad songs and cry! Better yet, plug into happy songs and instantly feel better. Nothing beats music.

4. Youtube

Other than watching your favorite youtubers, you can also watch tv shows. I know i can always fall back to the ellen show to make me feel better and she really just makes life seem more bearable. Others are comedy youtubers like nigahiga, buzzfeed and inspirational videos.

5. My samsung galaxy note 4

Being a convert from an avid apple user, samsung really surprised me. Although the transitional phase was a little difficult to get hold of, but all was worthwhile. One of the best features is the ability to glance at my schedule for the day right when i unlock my phone thanks to the ability to install widgets on the home screen. Another feature that i love is the s pen. I mean, it gives me so much precision and also convenience when taking quick notes.

6. Recognition and appreciation

Recognition gives you a sense of achievement. Being recognized for your efforts, be it a raise, a compliment or being featured by any sort just makes everything that you've fought for and worked hard for worthwhile. Appreciation is little gestures by other people who you've been especially kind to, be it helping out on homework, or holding the door for the lady. A simple thank you or a nod and smile just make everything you've done appreciated, and makes life bearable!

7. Love

Now this is tricky. Love can be your enemy or it could be your best drug. But when you're in love, you just feel that everything that's happening to you can all be ignored. And you look forward to a life with your partner, which you work hard for. You will feel that everything is worthwhile and find that life is actually bearable.

Keep musing,

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  1. Imagine all those hours you spent practicing violin. Imagine redirecting all that time towards social media and gaining followers, making it an obsession. That's how you get sponsored trips...

    We can't all be celebrity bloggers ;)