Who am I?

Hi! I am a human and my name is Jocelyn. 
I was born in Singapore; a straight-out Singaporean-Chinese. 
I'm a 1995 baby born into a loving family. 
My surname is Ng (Chinese 黄 Huang), if you're wondering. 

My family members?

I have an elder sister, mum and dad; we stay together with my grandma and a maid. 

Some fun facts about me?

I have a pet parrot that I don't really take care of (all the credits to my sister). 

I am obsessed with the colours black, white and grey; 
anything pink is nice as well. 

Where do I go for school?

I'm currently a NAFA student studying Diploma in Music, majoring in the violin. 

What are my hobbies?

During my free time, I would be scrolling through Pinterest (check out my Pinterest tab!) 
and pinning. I also really like to improvise on my violin and act all professional and suave. 
Singing in the shower makes me feel good because of the awesome acoustics in my toilet.
Another staple would be window shopping online and offline. 

How can you contact me?

I would love to engage with my readers. Do e-mail me at museestatesg@gmail.com

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