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Do you care what other people think of you?
I used to, and it ruined me. I'm free now and I don't really care what other pepper think of me

You have an amazing blog *.* You seem to be a great person by heart <3
Thanks! Glad to hear that!

Why u do have boobs 

!!! taken by???
Clothes lah

Hello rani
Hello nose

would you rather date clothes, or date me ;)
Sorry man, I'm taken ;) So clothes for now.. (y)

Why did you and R break up? If you don't mind me asking.
Simply put, it didn't turn out the way I'd like it to be

what type of guys do you like?
Funny and chill

if you were a burger, you'd be a mcgorgeous

would you rather wear a yellow top or yellow pants for the rest of your life?
OMGG THE HORROR. Yellow top, I don't wanna look like a banana. And I do shorts :)

i hope i made you smile a bit too :p‎ (Eh?) 

if i was with you and we were having a staring contest, and your eyes got super watery like lots of tears just building up. could i hold both of your hands as the tears fall? 
Wowzer, that escalated quickly. Put it in slow-mo

why are ur eyes so damn teary 
I don't know man, genetics perhaps

I know you don't know me and i don't know you but I just wanted to say that you are really pretty and gorgeous. I hope you have a nice day‎ (Eh?)
Geeee, thanks for that!

what was in your eye
TEARS. I have really teary eyes

If you had an extra hour of free time every day, what would you do with it?

Hey, you have really nice profile & you are gorgeous. I am here to Spread A Smile. I am here on ask just to help people and share smiles around. You could ask me for any help, btw can you follow and ask me some questions? It will be a real favour ^.^ :D‎ (Spread A Smile)
Awh, that's really sweet of you. The world needs more people like you! :D

Wow at first glance I thought you were a model :o Aww.. thank you for saying that

how many times do you wipe your eye then look at your finger when your eye gets watery? 
three times this morning trying to get out of bed HAHA

Can you maybe do a blog post about what sort of bikinis are suitable for girls with different body types? :) 
So sorry, I'm not an expert on bikinis but here is a really fun quiz to find out the ideal bikini for you!

Hello! How tall are you? And are you a model? 
Hello! I am 1.68m. I've been scouted before but am not signed to any agencies :)

was it a recent date? do you get over people very easily? 
The one who got a girlfriend? That was 3-4 years ago. Getting over people depends on how emotionally attached I was with them.

do you get a lot of money to shop? 
Nope, I wish I do HAHA. I use the money I earned and saved from my monthly allowance from my parents :) how about this? I think this will suit you so well 
Wow! Exotic texture and colour! Definitely a statement piece. This is definitely something new for me as I am more inclined to neutral colours :) what do you think? 
I think this is super cute! But for me, the colours and print made it look a bit kiddy. I would go for something like this instead:

what do you think of girls who wear super revealing clothes? 
I think they're fearless and bold! Though it could come off as sleazy, I believe everyone has a right to wear whatever they want to express themselves.

do all your past dates / boyfriends have new girlfriends already?
I think 1 did, good for him :)

where did u do your hair! its so nice
I did my hair at glamorzon hair and beauty salon! At hougang area

what does Muse Estate mean? 
I was obsessed with the word "muse"

  •  (in Greek and Roman mythology) each of nine goddesses, the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, who preside over the arts and sciences. 
  • a woman, or a force personified as a woman, who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist. 
  • be absorbed in thought - an instance or period of reflection 
  • "estate" was just a cooler name for "place" :) 

So, a place where I muse

you should do a compilation of your own #ootd (s) and post them on your blog :)
Cool idea :) Meanwhile, you can follow me on instagram ‎@muse_estate for first-hand OOTDs :)

Hey, could you check out my ALS IceBucketChallenge? If you want give it a comment and share since it will help raise money for ALS! by way before you go on a rant to me, I did donate money :)‎ Ben. 
Woah, good job for having the guts to do this!

O great,r u a stdnt?‎ Hemant Gujjar 
Yes I am, I major in music violin

ni hao

Where r u from?‎ (Hemant Gujjar) 
Hi Hemant Gujjar, I'm from Singapore :)

are you and raymond still together? 


THE HORROR. I didn't take it today :((((

Would you have chosen to stay friends? 
It's always good to be able to stay friends, so yes.

Be bedazzled by beautiful instruments. 

Oh, so NAFA isnt like a university? 
NAFA is more like a conservatory for different art forms (fine arts, music, theatre, dance, etc.). Meaning we only major in arts, no academics. Which is what all artists need. (y)


Do you have alot of free time since you are in NAFA? or no? 
"THERE'S NO FREE TIME AS A MUSICIAN. FREE TIME IS PRACTICE TIME." HAHA but yes, free time in between periods and less workload as compared to normal college/university.

Haha so funny couple-y things...are yall both still friends? 
Ermmmmm, I don't think so... HAHA we don't even talk when we meet, so ya.

Y so photogenic u make me crei T___T 
Aww... thanks! Well, you gotta really know your angles to make the camera work for you :)

Why wasn't it official? he wasn't nice? 
He was nice but we didn't really do couple-y things, ya know ~

Ure rly dam cool man 
*put sunglasses on* *flips hair*

Do you consider yourself a low or high maintenance girl? 
Well, for the "material" aspect, I DO love branded stuff but I understand they are just pleasure for the EYES. As for the "attention" aspect, I am a pretty chill girl who gives space and need space. So, in all, I consider myself a relatively low maintenance girl :)

OH YA and post your make up routine pls!!!!!! if you use makeup :p
That's cool, I might work on that sometime! Thanks for the suggestion

Hi Jocelyn, you write beautifully! 
Thank you so much!

And maybe ideas for outfits to sch :)
Hi! I've actually had a post on this. Check it out here :)

Do a post about 10 closet must-haves! :)
Hey that's a good idea! I'll work on that :)

Didnt you date someone when you were 15?
It wasn't official :|

First 2 likers get 15 likes?? 
Nuuuuu imposibleeeeee

Nice fashion inspirations. 
Thank you! If you'd like, you can suggest anything related to fashion to me. So that I could include it in my next post :)

Do you enjoy your time in NAFA? 
Yep! It's a place where I really got to know people who are REAL and TRUE to themselves. Great friends, great teachers, great environment and definitely paradise for lovers of the arts.

How old were you when you had your first boyfriend? 
I was 17

How you're able to cope with school and a r/s, when's the right age to start dating, etc 
Alright! I'll work on that soon, stay tuned! 

You seem to know a lot about relationships and itll be rly nice to get advice from you. do a blog post on r/s advice heehee
Well, I learn from experience. What area in relationship advice are you interested in?

Are you still in contact with your first bf?
We're still friends, but I just feel we need more time for the "cooling off period", so there's less contact now. 

Men Logic 

Describe your first relationship 
My first relationship was a very special one as he had a very unique character. We had many things in common so we were able to get along quite quickly. The relationship was also a difficult one as I faced many snide remarks and was under a lot of pressure. Nevertheless, I've learnt a lot through it and am thankful to have known him.

Please post more fashion inspirations!!! 
No problem! I'm glad you like them :D 

Would you talk to him again if you could? Be strong!!! Though I don't know you, I just happened to chance upon your blog I love your posts :) - love from msia 
Aww.. Thanks! I would talk to him when he's finally much better, or if he still wants to talk to me. Thanks for your kind words :)

Who are you talking about in your recent post?
My ex who shall not be named :|

How many guys have you dated?
3 guys

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